Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Conner 8 days new| Jacki G. Photography | Richmond,VA| Family & Newborn Photographer

Meet 8 day old Conner:
Conner was a great model during his session.  He did such an amazing job, I was able to capture so many wonderful memories for his family to treasure of him as a newborn forever.  Newborn photography is definitely one of those lifetime events that only happens once in your life – a time you can never ever get back no matter how much you wish you could freeze it or go back into time to enjoy it all over again.  I can’t say it enough how very priceless newborn photographs truly are.  The newborn stage, although when you’re actually facing sleepless nights can seem to last forever, really and truly only lasts for a very short moment.  Before you know if, your little one is cooing and crawling…..and then heading out the front door for kindergarten.  Giving families memories I’ve been able to capture of their newborn to treasure for a lifetime means so very much to me.  Sadly, it’s something I really don’t have myself so I can speak my emotions from my very heart.  Other than those….well, not so adorable…..newborn photos the hospital took, that’s all the newborn photographs I have of my “babies”.  Newborn photography wasn’t that popular when my oldest were born or even when my youngest was born only 8 years ago.  What I wouldn’t give to have just one very nice image of my children as newborns to hang onto and remember all those tiny little details that are so quickly forgotten.  Being able to give new parents galleries filled with many pictures of their newborns that features all those sweet little details that bring them back to the moment when they first meet their tiny little baby is such a wonderful feeling for me.  I’m forever grateful to each and every one of my clients that have entrusted in me to capture these moments for them and their families to treasure for many of years.
Many congratulations to this new family of 3!!

Arjun 3 wks old | Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA | Family & Newborn Photographer

Meet 22 day old Arjun:
Introducing the teeny tiny sweet-as-can-be Mr. Arjun.  He was 22 days old the day of his session and he just rocked it!  That was the day of the big snow storm.  He has such a wonderful little personality and he even shared a few really adorable big smiles with me.  His smiles where so big at time, I’m pretty sure I heard him laughing.  I wonder what he was dreaming about….or maybe he was just laughing at me, haha!
He already has such a fun personality.  He really LOVED being wrapped up.  I’m so glad that the weather finally held out long enough for us to get Arjuns' session done – it’s been so cold and snowy.  We received 17" of snow that day. I'm glad i was able to photograph this sweet boy before the snow really hit.   Pretty soon this sweet little boy will be running around outside all day long and his family will soon be missing the newborn stage.  They will forever have wonderful memories to forever remember this fleeting age always and I’m so happy that I was able to capture so many beautiful pictures of Arjun for his family.  The newborn age only happens once and I’m always so honored when families have chosen me to capture this precious time for them.
Many congratulations to this wonderful new family:

Zoe 8 days new | Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photographer| Richmond, VA

Meet 8 day old Zoe:
Oh my….I know I say this all the time but seriously baby girl Zoe is just the prettiest baby girl!!  She has given me a bad case of baby fever, haha.  She just the sweetest little gal too, I could have snuggled with this cutie pie all day long.   She has the most gorgeous head of curly hair hair and the biggest most beautiful set of brown eyes I’ve ever seen on a newborn.  Zoe was very happy to keep those eyes open for most of the session.  Yep, she definitely knew something was up and she didn’t want to miss one single thing.  I love when newborns have such wonderful eye contact.  It’s rare to get a picture of them looking directly at me but with my paparazzi like skills (hehe) I’m able to wait for that perfect opportunity to get that most sought after picture.  It took a LOT of sweet talking to get Miss Zoe to fall asleep but once she did I was able to capture some very beautiful pictures of her.  
Congratulations to this new family of 3!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Maternity Photography| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond,VA | Family & Newborn Photographer

Ahhh! Shari is radiant as a pregnant mama! I photographed her first pregnancy and newborn son about a year and a half ago. I have the pleasure of documenting their family grow with the new addition to arrive in a few short weeks.   Little Dean was so cute watching the snow fall at Meadow farm.  The snow falling added a little magic to their maternity session yesterday. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Birth Photography | Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photography| Richmond, VA

I have always had a passion for photography and babies, pregnancy etc.  So i combined my talents and have finally found my passion.  To be present at a miracle and document this miraculous event is an honor.  I have photographed several births and was in aww.  To present the parents with a story of how their family began is really special.  

Why hire a birth photographer?
The photos from your labor and delivery will serve as a beautiful reminder of one of the most important days of your life. Allowing The Birth Photographer to handle this very important task will not only free up Dad or your other support person to be more available to you during your labor and delivery, but it will also ensure that his or her participation is captured on film. Dad won’t have to worry about taking photos, so he’ll be better able to enjoy the moment right along with you. He can be a more active participant. It’s definitely a day worthy of documenting. 

About birth photography
Birth is very unpredictable, and the lighting is never ideal. These are not portraits. Jacki photographs births in a photo journalistic style and prefers to use black and white images for your slideshow. The black and white images better reflect the mood of the event, and they help to tone down the graphic nature of birth.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Model search| Newborn baby boy| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn photographer| Richmond, VA

Do you know anyone pregnant? or just had a new baby?   I am looking for a newborn baby boy to model for me.   This session is complementary and you get 5 digital downloads.  The session will take place at my home studio.  The baby must be under 12 days old. 


A. 14 days new| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Children Photographer| Richmond, VA

Adore this dreamy session with Adalynn Snow who is 14 days new. I created a warm and neutral setup plus we added a touch of a snow white theme to go along with her sweet middle name. and the families love of Disney.  This sweet babe even gave us some smiles! Can not wait to share more with her family. 
Currently booking newborn and sitter session in my Richmond, VA  studio.